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Opel Manta / Ascona / 1900 Manual Transmission - Mechanical


1. Case, transmission
2. Gasket, transmission case to oil housing
3. Cap, ventilator
4. Gear, with bushings, reverse idler
5. Shaft, rev, idler gear
6. Cluster Gear, countershaft
7. Washer, counter gear
8. Kit, counter gear bearing
9. Countershaft, cluster gear
10. Gear, main drive
11. Washer, counter gear spacer
12. Bearing, main shaft pilot
13. Ring, main drive gear
14. Seal Ring, main drive gear
15. Shaft, main
16. Ring, main shaft snap - front
17. Bearing, 1st speed gear needle
18. Gear, 1st and 2nd speed sliding
19. Guide Unit, 1st and 2nd speed
20. Gear, 3rd speed
21. Gear, 1st speed
22. Gear, 2nd speed
23. Sleeve, gear shift
24. Carrier, gear shift sleeve
25. Snap Ring, gear shift sleeve
26. Cone, 3rd and 4th speed synchronizer
27. Cone, 1st and 2nd speed synchronizer
28. Spring, synchronizer (1st and 2nd speed)
29. Spring, synchronizer (3rd and 4th speed)
30. Shoe, 1st and 2nd speed shift
31. Shoe, 3rd and 4th speed shift
32. Bearing, main shaft - rear
33. Snap Ring, main shaft ball bearings
34. Washer, main shaft
35. Bearing, main shaft (needle)
36. Gear, speedometer drive
37. Washer, speedometer drive gear
38. Ring, speedometer drive gear snap
39. Retainer, rear bearing
40. Seal, trans rear oil
41. Gasket, rear bearing ret
42. Bushing, main shaft - rear
43. Clip, speedometer gear
44. Guide, speedometer drive
45. Gear, speedometer driven
46. Seal, speedometer shaft sleeve
47. Bracket, speedometer and guide
48. Seal Ring, speedometer drive guide
49. Cover, trans case
50. Gasket, trans case cover
51. Shaft, 1st and 2nd speed shift
52. Shaft, 3rd and 4th speed shift
53. Shaft, reverse speed shift
54. Lever, 1st and 2nd speed shift inter
55. Lever, reverse shift inter
56. Lever, inter 3rd, 4th and reverse
57. Seal, shift shaft oil
58. Cam, shift shaft
59. Shaft, inter lever reverse shift
60. Shaft, with lever and bolt
61. Fork (Yoke), reverse speed shift
62. Fork (Yoke), shift (1st and rev)
63. Fork (Yoke), 2nd and 3rd speed
64. Spring, interlock thrust
65. Spring, interlock detent
66. Plug, interlock detent




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