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Opel Manta / Ascona / 1900 Instrument Housing


1. Lamp, dome
2. Housing, instrument and switches
3. Plug, instrument housing attachment
4. Socket, control and instrument lamp bulb
5. Cable, control and signal lamp
6. Cap, clock hole
7. Cover, lamp and heatable back window switch hole
8. Covering, instrument and switches housing
9. Holder, control and signal lamps
10. Cover, instrument
11. Lens, heater control identifier
12. Lens, headlamp and windshield wiper switch identifier
13. Box, fuse block connection
14. Cover, fuse block connecting box
15. Switch, heatable back window
16. Switch, headlamp, parking lamp and instrument light
17. Switch, windshield wiper motor (tumbler)
18. Knob, headlamp, parking lamp and instrument light switch
19. Switch, stop lamp
20. Bushing, stop lamp switch




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