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Opel Manta / Ascona / 1900 Master Cylinder


1. Cylinder, dual brake master
2. Reservoir, (tank) dual brake master cylinder
3. Grommet (plug), master cylinder disc brake booster
4. Cap, (cover) master cylinder reservoir
5. Seal Ring, reservoir plug screw
6. Strainer, brake cylinder reservoir
7. Lock Ring, brake master cylinder
8. Valve, brake master cylinder check
9. Seal Ring, master cylinder stop screw
10. Seal Ring, brake master cylinder
11. Pedal, brake with bushing less pad
12. Bushing, brake pedal
13. Shaft, brake pedal bedding with safety lock
14. Spacer, brake pedal shaft on support
15. Bumper, clutch pedal
16. Support, clutch and brake pedal
17. Pad, clutch and brake pedal
18. Hose, front disc brake
19. Hose, rear brake
20. Lock, brake hose safety
21. Connector, brake pipe
22. Pipe, brake (steel)
23. Grommet, front and rear brake pipe
24. Check Valve, booster in vacuum hose
25. Hose, disc brake booster vacuum (roll)




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