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Opel GT 1.9L Shifter

154. gearshift levers with button, switching finger and reverse gear lock
157. gearshift levers (pipe) without button and switching finger
162. stop sleeve for switching fingers
163. compression spring for switching finger (9.8 mm Ø - 28 mm long)
159. compression spring for button - gearshift levers
166. disk between circlip, switching pipe and rubber sleeve down
164. connection fittings for push pull cable in the switching finger
172. shim for push pull cable in the switching pipe, above
169. pins (8 x 39 mm)
158. button for gearshift levers
173. pull button for gearshift levers - operation - reverse gear lock
170. tension spring, gearshift lever - switching idle levers (53 mm long)
167. rubber sleeve for shift levers, above
168. rubber sleeve for shift levers, down
174. selector levers
175. selecting ring
176. pins
179. protective cap over switching idle levers
180. indexing bolts for switching idle levers at end piece - transmission cases
181. pins for control shaft and switching idle lever
182. socket for switching idle levers
183. tension spring for switching idle levers
183a. shifter rod

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