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Opel GT Frame

5a. side members, in the middle left
9. side members - back part, at the rear left (around 461.5 mm shorten)
8. side members - back part, in the back on the right (around 461.5 mm shorten)
14. extension for front frameworks, left
15. extension for front frameworks, on the right
18. cross beams for front frameworks
19. cross beams for suspension, in front - 1.1 l
20. intermediate plate (50 x 35 x 2.75 mm)
21. cross beams for telescope shock absorbers, in the back
20a. cross beams, in the back
22. support for steering wheel attachment - rear axle, with disk
23. support for jacking equipment, in front left - 1.5 l; 1.7 l; 1.9 l
25. owners for battery
25a. tragbuegel for battery
26. battery tray, complete

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