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Opel GT Control Arm

14. seal for cover plate
15. steering wheels, on the left and on the right above, without swivel joint, with absorption sockets 16 03 053
17. cushioning ring for upper steering wheel, rubber (16 x 30 x 5.5 mm)
18. disk (40 x 12.3 x 4 mm)
19. swivel joint for upper steering wheel, on the left and on the right
30. front wheel hub with pin (disc brake)
31. pins for wheel hub (disc brake)
34. sealing ring for front wheel bearing, inside
33. front wheel bearing, inside
35. front wheel bearings, outside
36. lock washer for front wheel hub at knuckle
37. cover cap for wheel hub
58. rubber buffers
57. plates for rubber buffers
62. disk
60. carrying joint for lower steering wheel

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