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Opel GT Oil System

157. cam shaft, normally - 1.5 l; 1.7 l; 1.9 l;
158. motor control sections (record)
161. covers for cam shaft, in the back
160. covers for cam shaft, in front
162. seal for covers - cam shaft, in front and in the back (1.5 mm strongly)
166. roller chain
167. kettenspanner complete
163. stocks for cam shaft, in front, pre-drilled
164. stocks for cam shaft, in the middle, pre-drilled
165. stocks for cam shaft, in the back, pre-drilled
168. stop screw - cam shaft
169. clamping lever for open-loop system
171. sliding rail curved, for roller chain (rubber)
172. guide rail for roller chain
159. support flange for nockenwellenrad
182. tappets, normally
183. pins for valve rocker arms
184. nut for rocker arm pins
186. rocker arms with slip piece for valve
187. spherical bushing for rocker arms
190. feather/spring for intake valve
191. feather/spring for exhaust valve
192. plates for valve spring
193. wedge for valve spring
194. seal for in and exhaust valve
195. cap for in and exhaust valve
196. valve lathe fixture - exhaust valve
188. intake valve normally - 1.7 l; 1.9 l
189. exhaust valve - 1.7 l; 1.9 l
197. wave and driving gear wheel for oil pump, normally (78.5 mm long)
198. gear wheel for oil pump, driven, normally
199. covers for oil pump
200. seal for oelpumpendeckel
203. suction tube with suction bell and filter for oil pump
204. seal for flange - oil August pipe at cylinder block
205. oil filter element (AC)
206. pipe unions for oil filters at steering boxes
207. oil pan
209. oil pan seals (record)
213. verbindungsschlauch for cylinder block exhaust
214. impact needle for verbindungsschlauch
215. bleeder tube for cylinder block (PP)

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