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Opel GT Brake Booster

16. seal between tandem master brake cylinders and
17. seal for vacuum connection - brake boosters
24. filter cartridge for brake boosters
25. protective cap brake boosters
26a. control rod for brake booster, complete with rubber cap
27. mufflers for brake boosters
28. vacuum connection with seal for brake boosters
68a. double expansion tanks, complete
69. container potting (seal) between tandem master brake cylinders
71. seal for screw connection
72. filter for double expansion tanks - tandem master brake cylinders
73. snap ring for tandem master brake cylinder 16 05 109/111
74. verbindungsschlauch between double expansion tanks
75. connecting piece for double expansion tanks on
76. owners for double expansion tanks
77. form valve for tandem master brake cylinder
78. sealing ring for stop screw (6 x 10 mm) Llkg.
79. sealing ring for form valve
81. socket for brake pedal, Llkg.
82. coat for brake pedal
83. disk (14.1 x 22 x 2 mm), for axle - brake pedal, Llkg.
84. axle for brake pedal, Llkg.
85. stay tube (11 x 14 x 34.5 mm), Llkg.
86. coat for brake pedal, Llkg. - 1.9 l - (autom. transmissions)
87. brake hose pipe (4.75 mm Ø)
90. connecting piece (distributor) at master brake cylinders
91. hollow screw
92. owners for brake hose, in the back at oh housings
96. protection for brake hose
97. negative pressure hose for brake boosters
98. rubber sleeve (tube piece) for brake hose in front and in the back
99. check valve for brake boosters in the negative pressure hose


0 #2 Bruce Mueller 2012-10-16 17:12
Adjust the "free travel" of the brake pedal to 1/4 inch, by turning the 19mm "Piston Push Rod" on the thrust rod of the brake booster.

To increase free play at the pedal - decrease the number of visible shaft threads then tighten the 19mm Thrust Rod Lock Nut.
0 #1 Bill Schreiner 2012-10-16 16:42
I installed a new master and power booster. Bled the prakes. Brakes work perfect. All air no spongy feel. Brakes work. I adjusted the park brake and rear brakes.

My problem: brake pedal too low. Is the height adjusted with part 26a control rod? 1973 GT

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