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Opel GT Sheet Metal

3. Dash Panel, without hood hinge and instrument panel
6. Pillar, front body hinge at front column, left
7. Panel, pillar, inner, upper, left
13a. Gusset (reinforcement) for roof pillar, inside left
18. Air Vent intake grille, matte black
18a. Air circulation duct sheet metal, left side
18b. Air circulation duct sheet metal, right side
20. Air duct, complete
21. Cowl (cover plate for air duct)
65. Hinge pillar, left
66. Reinforcement for hinge pillar, left or right
67. Brace for hinge column, left
68a. Lining for side panel column, upper, outer left
72. Door, left, without glass and workings
72a. Reinforcement for door interior sheet metal, left
72b. Hand grip for passenger door, beige
76. Panel, door outer, left
183c. pieces of door belt, left
221. entrance rail, left
223. entrance lining, left
225. bar with fixing clip for entrance lining, on the left and on the right
226. sleeve for bar at entrance lining
343. trim for rear wall lining
344. bracket for trim at rear wall lining
403. side panel lining, outside, left
409a. rear wall lining, above
412. rear wall lining with housing - brake -, conclusion and
412a. butt strap for ventilation, in the back, left
412b. butt strap for ventilation, in the back, on the right
445. roof frames, in front
446. Frame, roof, back
447. Frame, roof, left
449. roof frames with air duct and water baffle, in the back
451. roof bow no. 1
452. roof bow (pipe)
453. roof bow (steel sheet)
454. roof bow, in front (6.5 rnm wire)
458. Panel, roof


0 #3 Randy Emmon 2017-05-06 20:52
Iam needing a 72 drivers side left door no windows mine got bent and price
0 #2 Schippke, Peter 2016-09-02 10:35
I need a half side panel lining, outside, right. Are you able to liver and what does ist cost plus shipping to germany
0 #1 Wayne Coturri 2016-07-09 05:04
item 6 Pillar front body left and right
item 65 Hinge pillar left and right

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